Bart was our first dog. Not the first dog we had ever lived with, but the first one who was our dog. He was the embodiment of fun and love. As you can read in his eulogy, we named the company after him:


We loved Bart. By our count he had 28 different housemates in his life. Bart always ran hard, even when no one was looking. He could consistently carry three lacrosse balls in his mouth and one occasion he carried four. He was hard-headed and stubborn and he always let you know how he felt. Bart would always give you whatever he was holding, as long as you were holding something he wanted more. Bart was raised by his Uncle Homer. If you threw a steak bone in one direction and a lacrosse ball in the other, Bart would get the lacrosse ball first and then take it over to his bone; this was verified experimentally. Bart loved to lounge in the ugly yellow chair in our office, which he reluctantly learned to share with Nelson first, and then Nolan, and then finally both of them at the same time. Bart enjoyed being in the bed of a pickup truck. Bart had many dog park friends and always found the people with treats. Bart had many nicknames such as: Barttron, Bartomatron, Tron, Barttronix, Stampy, Stampson, Fart, Bartuciss, Bartlett Jayamodee, Sargent Bart, Little B, Big B, Vasco da Gama, Barty, Barty-O, Stinker, Robot-wheel, Bort, Bark, Bob F'ing Barker, and for a brief period in 2002 his name was legally changed to Wilcox. While still a youngster, Bart would chew through the fence and head over to the Green Door whenever he could. He was never a drinker, but he loved the attention and pizza crust he found. Bart chased balls until he could not move, right on up to the end. Bart went nuts whenever he got close to SMC. If you were swimming, Bart was swimming. If you were sad, he licked your face to make it better. If you asked Bart “any dogs in the house” Ray Lewis style, he would always respond. He could not stand being caged or otherwise separated from people. Bart was born four days before our first date. Bart was the only one with Jared when he buried Courtney’s engagement ring in the sand. He wore a black collar as part of our wedding party. He has been part of our family from the very beginning and we will always remember him.


Jared & Courtney - March 2011

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