Fire, Wheel, Dog. . .Smart Phone?

Our relationship with dogs is old. Really old.

Humans and dogs were working together pre-agriculture. Our modern dogs aren’t as far removed from this time as we are. We simply understand (if that word applies) our worlds differently. There’s much to be said for breeding and domesticating animals, good and bad. But what’s certain is that instincts are inherited across generations.  Every new dog owner learns this, and learns to love and respect it.

But there are dangers inherent in our dog’s instinct. It’s pre-conscious, immediate. Instinct doesn’t understand cars. Or training stimuli. It’s on the owner to train, to teach a dog to understand their environment through experience, not reaction. And that all starts with the dog/owner relationship.

Pets learn to trust their humans. If you are confident and secure in a situation, they understand those queues. But what about situations where you aren’t able to convey this, through touch or voice, when it’s critical?

Chord provides a constant, learned, and (most importantly) trusted link between human and animal. We can’t be with our pet 24/7. But we can use Chord’s tech to stay in touch. To evaluate and humanely enforce boundaries, monitor heart rate, and, of course, train using lowest-stress feedback.

We’ve come a long way since the Bronze Age. Relationships change. So can the way you keep in touch with your pet-friend.


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