Has it Really Been 60 Years?

We watched James Bond talking on his carphone in 1967. It took twenty years for that tech to be actualized, but the 80s brought us phones in cars, and on beaches (thank you Gordon Gecko). In 2007, the first generation of iPhones was released, and the world changed.

The devices we use with our pets have not kept pace. The electric "shock collar" has been around since the late ‘60s as well. We have fuzzier names for "modern" training devices, but they all come back to negative reinforcement, imposed via pain. That's a known quantity--if you work with your dog, teach her to understand an electric jolt, then you have a degree of control over what happens in the field. Shock collars work. Are they responsible and ethical? Yes. In the right circumstances, with the right owner, yes.

We, the friends and family who started Chord, believe there is a better way. We know there is a better way. Better for you; better for your pet. Without going into schematics and software (yet!), we've built a device for modern pet owners. It's not just a smarter collar, it's the smartphone Bond would have used way back in 1967, if only Ian Fleming had seen this tech coming.

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