An Inconvenient Collar

If it doesn’t work for you, it’s not going to work for your dog.

What should solid pet tech look like? For one, it can't be delicate--if you can't can’t slap a smart collar on your dog as easily as a nylon one, you are not going to use it enough. It must be simple to understand, and worthwhile to use. If new tech does not make your life easier, make you and your dog happier, then what’s the point? If it wastes your time and causes work for you, you will stop using it. If you must constantly take it off and charge it, eventually it will not go back on.


The pet-tech relationship should be as simple as putting the collar on, going to the beach swimming and playing rough and tumble, coming home exhausted, and having your dog charge her own collar's battery, to be ready for the next day's play. With Chord, this is now possible. And we think it's what all good pets and owners deserve.

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