PetTech: Does it Fit?

The best choice for your pet fits them and you.

  • Popularized five decades ago, essentially all remote training devices have been a variants of the electric shock collar. We have generations of research and experience that shows force training is not the way to go. But there has been no device designed to take advantage of all we have learned. Until now.
  • The Chord collar is designed with balance in mind. Weighted evenly, with stereo sound for directional cues. And a wide, lightweight array of sensors to provide haptic (touch) feedback.
  • The “box” shock collar design of the past worked as intended. It was able to warn, then scare, then punish behaviors at range. But now there's a collar that teaches through positive reinforcement, keeps your pets safe and engaged. Even when you can't be with them.

Smart tech. Happy pets. Chord.


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