Don't be shocked, your dog doesn't need that e-collar

Ever been told your dog needs a shock collar? You know the line: Chessies are stubborn; Ridgebacks have a high prey drive; Labs are dumb; Spaniels will chase anything. No way to train them without a way to punish, at range. E-Collars are essential in the field. But, are they?

Humans and dogs managed for a very long time, as partners, without the “modern” electric shock collar. Which is really only as modern as the 1960s. That design hasn’t substantively changed since.

Of course, the world we inhabit has changed since the 1960s. If you live in a town where you know the “neighborhood dogs”, count yourself lucky. For most, boundaries have changed. Dogs get a yard as their territory. In the field, we are the territory.

Resoundingly, humans like dogs (and vice versa!). That’s the good news.

More good news? You don't have to hurt your dog to train it or keep it safe. Research shows that penalty based methods, wherever you stand on the issue, are no longer the best option. You can keep doing it. But this isn’t 1960, and there are many things that were acceptable back then that are not now. Progress is good, and the shock collar will be in the "no longer acceptable" club soon too. New boundaries and new generations of owners deserve new tech. 

The Chord Collar is a proven, better option. There is no “cause pain” button. Haptic (touch) and auditory queues are used consistently to teach your dog to do what you want. The only "punishment" you ever administer is temporarily removing a reward, which is often as simple as turning your back. Outdoor and indoor territory limits are set using the Chord app. And all that is only the beginning.

Ever been told your dog does not need a shock collar? You need a way to communicate, at range, and while away, with your pet. We all do. Confidence and consistency are the keys to dog training. Modern tools for modern times to hold up our end of the bargain with our dogs. We only need the carrot. Save the stick for fetch.

Education and legislation can be effective, but our goal with Chord is to render the shock collar obsolete by providing an alternative that works better. When pet owners have a more convenient, more humane, better-performing technology, we believe they’ll choose it.

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