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Chord removes the doubt and stress that frequently accompanies the work of training a pet. Chord coaches you through training with positive rewards based methods using an app on your mobile device. Training is personalized for you and your pet. You set the desired behaviors and commands through a question and answer interface. With Chord you are never on your own when training in your pet.


Using your mobile device, you are guided to record voice cues for your pet. The Chord training app guides you and your pet through short sessions of rewards based training. During these sessions, your pet learns to associate your voice commands with the commands being transmitted from the collar. Pets trained using our existing prototype typically begin responding to Chord issued cues during the first session.

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Chord is like having a professional trainer ride along with your pet 24/7. Chord keeps your pet happy, healthy, and engaged in your life while reducing the aspects of pet ownership that you find annoying or inconvenient.


Chord reinforces positive behaviors when they are detected. Chord redirects your pet when it begins to stray from the decorum you have trained it to follow. You can finally have the pet of your dreams, even when you aren’t there.


Chord makes it possible for the trainer, you in your pet’s view, to be with your pet 24 hours a day. Your commands, in your voice, guide and reward your pet at all times, everywhere, even when you are somewhere else. This is one of the fundamental features of our approach, resulting in personalized, adaptive, ubiquitous guidance and reinforcement. Your pet will never be alone again.

Invisible Fences & Leashes


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Chord uses location and movement data to keep your pet safe within boundaries that you can set and move. Chord guides you step by step to teach your pet to remain within the boundaries as directed by the collar, giving confidence that your pet is safe, and peace of mind that they are healthy.


The Chord collar determines your pet’s location and movement by combining data from GPS, inertial, WiFi and other communications signals, and optionally from time differencing beacon stations. Your options are endless for creating boundaries wherever your pet goes.


As described on our training page, Chord guides you to train your pet to respond to sound and vibration cues from the collar. Chord uses no electric shock, ever. Chord coaches you to train your pet to respond to your commands and then Chord watches, guides, and rewards your pet, even when you are not around.


The traditional invisible fence that you may be familiar with is usually a wire buried along the perimeter of a property. The traditional invisible fence collar usually provides a vibration when the pet approaches the wire and an electric shock when the pet crosses the wire. The shock is a punishment (called positive punishment because the punishment is added). The pet learns that something bad happens when it crosses a line and they learn not to do it.

Free Lost Pet Finding Service


If you have ever lost a pet, even for a short period of time, you know that terrible, panicky feeling it brings. Chord will deliver the first free community sourced pet finder.


Products on the market today aimed at finding lost pets, while filling an important need, exist to make a profit off pet owners. Owners are typically faced with paying for hardware charges upfront, plus a recurring subscription for location tracking, and/or a hefty fee to find a pet when it is lost.


This is where Chord is different. With Chord there is no data subscription and no fee when your pet is lost. We will not hit you when you are down. Your pet’s Chord wearable is equipped with GPS and runs off your home or other Wi-Fi location, and Bluetooth from your phone. If your dog leaves those two tracking areas or a set geographic boundary (that you easily create with your phone), your phone will immediately notify you; your dog’s collar will signal him to return home; the collar will flash, alerting others something is awry; and his location will be tracked by other Chord animals and owners.

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