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The potential of technology to monitor health, prevent health issues, while providing early detection of others is nearly limitless. Chord is a platform that can deliver on this potential.


Pet health monitoring and prediction lags similar human health tracking solutions. However both clearly have a long way to go. Claims about the capabilities of health monitoring via wearable technologies for humans and especially for dogs dogs are presented in revolutionary terms while the reality is much less transformative. The truth is that there is a long way to go before a collar or a watch can accurately monitor health in mammals.


Most health monitoring wearable technologies do not live up to their hype, and we are careful not to be the same. We are committed to seeing accurate predictive health monitoring in the future, and we are doing our part now. Chord provides basic activity monitoring, which is very useful in detecting changes in patterns. We will continue to infuse Chord with state-of-the-art health monitoring tech. But we firmly believe that how we monitor pet health now will allow you to stay ahead of most problems.

Knowing how active our pets really are, we can set goals and put them on track for more exercise, which almost always results in health benefits for the human, too. In addition to activity, Chord tracks breathing, temperature, and can detect ultrasonic noise that may be harming our pets and correlates this data with behavior patterns.


Chord was designed to be a platform for health research with its variety of sensors and pet communication interfaces.Through web services capable of capturing aggregated data on participating pets and service animals, this data can be used for research purposes to improve the quality of life of pets and service animals.


Our ability to use the information gathered in meaningful ways will grow as we collect data from specific breeds, ages, and lifestyles. This will allow pet owners to work with veterinarians to provide more preventive care and head off more health problems before they become serious and expensive.

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