How Chord Works


Chord solves all of the training and caretaking problems for cats and dogs. Apps on your phone guide you from the beginning to train your pet to respond to the Chord collar. Starting with simple commands, and using input from your pet’s collar and your phone, Chord guides you through force-free, positive rewards based training. As your pet quickly learns to respond to the cues from the collar as if they are coming from you, you can begin to use invisible fences, leashes, and other capabilities of Chord.

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Chord Collar

Chord collar fits most dogs and is adjustable to fit neck sizes from 13” to 28” (33 cm to 71 cm). Biggers collars for your colossal dogs and smaller collars for your tiny friends are in the works, which will then be followed by our first cat collar.


Chord is sleek and balanced for maximum comfort while also being engineered to take a beating. You can take one look at it and see that it does not look like any collar you have ever seen before. Chord is designed to be worn at all times so there is no need to take it off your dog to charge it. Chord can handle a day at the beach on the most playful of dogs so rest assured it’s rugged enough to handle whatever your pup can put it through.


Underneath that innovative exterior, Chord collars are packed full of the latest mobile and sensor technology to allow deep and meaningful two-way communication with our pets. You communicate with your pet through personalized sound, via speakers on the collar, and touch, via several vibration/haptic feedback components specifically tuned for cats and dogs. The Chord collar has several vibration motors that can provide pets with discrete behavioral cues and can also provide very precise directional commands.


Chord keeps track of your dog at all times. Your dog will be safe as Chord knows where in the world he is. Your stuff will be safe because Chord knows where your pup is indoors too. Chord listens for barking and other communication too. This information is used in the moment to guide your dog, and then used over time to create the best training plan.

Pet Owner Apps


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You use the Chord app to set up your collar for your dog. It’s very easy. Do you like answering questions about your pup? Are you okay with getting nudged on what to do next? That’s pretty much all there is to it. Chord becomes a new way to communicate with your pet. In the beginning there is some button pushing on the app to use the remote control while training. After the initial sessions, you phone will spend most of time in your pocket where it belongs.


Creating outdoor fences anywhere you want is surprisingly fun. Just pull up the map and draw a virtual fence to prevent your best friend from running wild. Put those baby-gates in storage because creating indoor boundaries is easy, too. Simply hold the Chord collar -- yes even you get to feel the cool vibrations -- at the corners of any invisible indoor boundary. You can set a boundary at the four corners of a table to keep your counter surfer underneath, but never on top of it.

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Chord is always working to ensure your pet is happy, healthy, and engaged. Chord does not need to be connected to a network to work and is always using onboard sensors and external signals, including GPS satellite signals, to collect information. Using this information, Chord can direct your pet using sound and vibration on the collar. You can truly be with your pet, virtually guiding them and praising them, 24/7.


Chord has more features when your pet is connected to wireless network, such as your home WiFi router. This allows information to travel from your pet’s collar, to the web, and to you wherever you are. This allows real-time monitoring and communication and opens up a world of possibilities for improving your pet’s welfare and wellbeing.


Your pet’s Chord collar can also connect directly to your mobile device. This is done using the Bluetooth and WiFi that is available on your mobile device. In addition to enabling invisible leashes and being able to send commands to your pet, your pet can access the internet using the data plan on your mobile device if there is an application or game requiring a connection that you would like to use.

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