• Alums’ Pet Collar wins $100K


    Jared Marmen ’00 and Courtney Young Marmen ’02 launched Chord in 2014, a pet collar...


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  • ETC's Accelerate Baltimore awards $100,000 to maker of smart collars for pets


    Barttron, a Baltimore company developing a smart collar for pets, won a $100,000 funding...


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  • Chord


    There are likely as many types of dog lovers as there are dogs. But one thing unites all pet...


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  • Your dog’s shock collar is getting a high-tech makeover


    With the promise of wearables identified by big consumer brands (think Under Armour), it’s no...


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  • This startup is taking the shock out of training your dog


    "Chord" is designed to use a combination of vibrations, voice commands and positive reinforcement...


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  • Chord Collar: Smart Wearable for Dogs w/ Virtual Fence & Activity Tracking


    Meet the Chord Collar: a smart wearable that lets you stay connected with your dog. Chord allows...


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  • Chord Collar – connect with your pet


    A first of its kind pet wearable technology that improves animal welfare and makes the joy of owning...


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