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It is our philosophy that the training process should be a positive experience for both animal and human. Science has shown this can be achieved effectively through force-free, reward based training, and it is our belief that technology can aid the learning process between animals and their caregivers.


Chord provides a reward based training method that enhances the training experience and bond between animals and their caregivers through the use of simple, reliable and adaptable technology. Our aim is for the Chord collar to be such an effective animal training tool that reward based training becomes the only method used by animal trainers and caregivers.

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Chord is:

  • An effective, positive and pet-welfare-friendly training method
  • Simple, reliable and adaptable for different lifestyles and training requirements
  • Suitable for use with pets, service/working animals and shelter animals
  • Expandable with future software and hardware accessories


Chord is a platform to empower every pet lover with a convenient method for training and interacting with your pet. You and your pet will be happy, healthy, and content.


In addition to the improvements possible between individual pets and owners, we are driven to improve animal welfare in general. For this reason, Chord provides the ability to collect, aggregate and distribute raw data collected from pets to researchers, veterinarians, and others committed to improving animal welfare. This capability is one of our core values as it provides tremendous opportunities to quickly make enormous improvements to animals everywhere. We are dedicated to making access to high quality data a reality.

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