Service Animals


Service Animals


Chord creates a market of devices and apps that improve the quality and consistency of training and communication for service animals including: law enforcement and military, search and rescue, therapy, herding, hunting, and more. We are also creating a more efficient way to share that information.


Chord enables the ability to create, use, and share training and communication applications and services, from a variety of different vendors. This includes hardware and software. Imagine the revolution in service when dog and human can communicate without the need for verbal or visual cues, based on their relative locations, movement, health, or any other variable that can be detected.


By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you are supporting an open source initiative that will bring a revolution in the training and performance of capabilities of all service animals. We are providing Chord Kickstarter backer rewards to service animal organizations as directed by the individual Chord Kickstarter Backer. Are you involved with a service or working animal group? Become a partner and have your group listed on our Kickstarter campaign as an organization that would like to receive Chord rewards from our Kickstarter backers to help you better achieve your goals.

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