Shelters and Rescues

Shelter and Rescue Organizations



We want to use Chord to get more pets adopted and retained and have fewer lost and abandoned pets that require the services of shelters and rescues.


Chord can be used to improve the day-to-day operations and to produce more better outcomes to the pets in the care of these compassionate groups.


  • Chord tracks a pet's activity level and other data that can help best align future pet parents with their rescue.
  • Chord’s free lost pet service will reduce the number of wanted but lost animals that place a burden on shelters
  • Chord makes training more consistent and helps teach owners to be more effective, consistent, and successful.
  • Chord will increase adoption rates by providing the incentive of ready-trained dogs to potential owners.
  • Chord can help identify pets that are not coping well in the shelter, which could benefit from temporary fostering while waiting for a new home.

Are you involved with shelter, rescue, or similar organization? Spread the word about how Chord can save pets, put an end to their suffering, and find more pets forever homes - using new technology.

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