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Platform for Makers

Chord brings all the power and capability that is carried around via the devices in your pocket and applies it to your pets. This opens a whole world of possibilities, products, and applications. Chord is a true hybrid. On one hand, it is an extension of the human owner’s smartphone, a connected wearable that provides new features. On the other hand, it is a completely new device genre, developed specifically for a pet. While it is as capable as a smartphone, it replaces the expensive screen with pet specific haptic, sound, and optional electric current interfaces. By developing the core of the animal interface software in the open source AndRover library, we are creating a competitive market, primed for innovation.

Open Source

We are fully committed to an open source approach for Chord and are concurrently developing the AndRover open source animal wearables project. This allows others to freely use open source AndRover software to create their own products and apps that not only compliment but also compete with our products. This approach will yield a marketplace with the best products and lower prices for consumers, in the shortest amount of time.


So go ahead and integrate your pets into your home monitoring and security system, or develop the first pet involved online game. You are making it possible for the mobile computing revolution to be within the reach of all pet owners via our open source initiative and a competitive marketplace!


You say you got a real solution

Consider all of the needs that a smartphone meets for a typical user, compared to how those needs were met 15 years ago. Watches, alarm clocks, portable music devices, flashlights, stand-alone GPS devices, maps, planners, books, calendars, and really almost anything made of paper, can and have been replaced in large scales.


Now imagine a similar technology solution for pets and service animals replacing: physical fences, traditional in-ground invisible fences, leashes, pet gates, pet activity trackers, lost pet locators, professional training, individual training, house/potty training, health monitoring and more. Chord technology allows our pets to be integrated into our digital lives, to become sources and users of data, to be better adapted and tuned to our needs, to be commanded by our requests automatically, and to communicate their needs and feelings back to us. The possibilities are enormous, limited only by the imagination.


We are developing a suite of products that provides a quantum leap in human-pet interaction, akin to the revolution in human-human interaction, enabled by ubiquitous smartphones. While we plan to be a successful and profitable business, we believe this is best done using an open source approach in a competitive market. Our open-source approach to developing our innovative products is beneficial for every pet owner, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a tremendous amount of potential for service animals, including law enforcement and military, search and rescue, therapy, herding, hunting, and other working animals. Get out there and start making!

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