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Researchers and Veterinarians


Chord and the AndRover open source project provide an amazing opportunity for research, veterinary care, and improving the quality of life of animals all over the world. We are enabling the ability to collect extremely large amounts of data on hundreds of variables from pets all over the planet. Not only will you have a consumer product in Chord that you can use in partnership with public volunteers, you will also have the open source AndRover project to use as a baseline for building and sharing your specific technologies. Harness the power of the collective!


Chord provides ample opportunities for university research with its variety of sensors (measuring health, activity, and training), pet communication interfaces, and a well-known Android application programming interface. We are also creating web services capable of capturing aggregated data on participating pets and service animals. This data will always be available free for researching and implementing technology that can improve the health and welfare of pets and service animals via the AndRover open source project license.

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Why not build an app on existing theories that some dogs can predict earthquakes and build a network of cooperating K9 earthquake predictors? Use big data to debunk myths about breeds, pit bulls in particular? Use the tools that we are distributing to do the most good that you can as soon as you can. Predicting health problems and getting animals care earlier when they have a greater chance for success is within reach.

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