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Chord is a smart-collar for your dog. Chord is always on and always watching your dog. The collar provides guidance, using only sound and vibration, when your dog needs direction. Chord tells your dog he is a good boy when are not around to do it yourself!


The Chord app on your phone is used to configure the collar and keep tabs on your pup. The app provides guidance to you, so you never feel alone when it comes to training and protecting your dog. Chord tells you that you are doing it right and are good pet-parent when you have your moments of doubt!

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How it Works


The collar has speakers and vibration motors to communicate with your dog, and sensors to monitor where your dog is and what she is doing. This includes monitoring your dog’s movement and location outside to a few feet, and inside to less than a foot.


Your phone has an app that you use set things up, like indoor and outdoor boundaries for your dog, and goals for things you want them to do (or stop doing!). After the set up, the Chord app is designed to be hands off while you are playing with (teaching) your dog.


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Our Philosophy


The training process should be a positive experience for both animal and human. Science has shown this can be achieved effectively through force-free, reward based training. It is our belief that technology can drastically improve the quality of life of pet owners and their pets.


Chord provides reward based training methods that enhance the training experience and bond between animals and their caregivers through the use of simple, reliable and adaptable technology. Our aim is for the Chord collar to be so effective that punishment-free training becomes the norm for pet owners across the world, and beyond.


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Chord removes the doubt that frequently accompanies the work of training a pet. The app coaches you through training with positive rewards-based methods. Training is personalized for you and your pet. You decide how you want to go about teaching your dog either by answering questions or exploring on your own. With Chord you never have to go it alone when training in your pet.

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Chord is like having a professional trainer ride along with your pet 24/7. Chord keeps your pet happy, healthy, and engaged in your life while reducing the aspects of pet ownership that you find annoying or inconvenient.

Invisible Fences & Leashes


Chord uses location and movement data to keep your pet safe within boundaries that you can set and move. Chord guides you step by step to teach your pet to remain within the boundaries as directed by the collar, giving confidence that your pet is safe, and peace of mind that they are healthy.

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Chord provides basic activity monitoring, which is very useful in detecting changes in patterns. Knowing how active our pets really are, we can set goals and put them on track for more exercise, which almost always results in health benefits for the human too. In addition to activity, Chord tracks breathing, temperature, and can detect ultrasonic noise that may be harming our pets, in addition to correlating this data with behavior patterns.


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We’re going to have a cat party! Chord Collar for your pet cat is planned for early 2019.


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Free lost pet service


If you have ever lost a pet, even for a short period of time, you know that terrible, panicky feeling it brings. Chord will deliver the first free community sourced pet finder.

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Fun and Games


Chord opens a whole new world of opportunity for new ways to connect with our pets and others through games and social sharing. Having two way digital communication between pet owners and pets allows us to create more ways for pet owners and pets to get more active, have more fun, and interact with others that share their interests.

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